Southmoreland Marching Band

Woodwind Director

During my time with the SHS Marching Band, I had the opportunity to educate students in proper marching techniques, musicality, performance, and pedagogy. Myself along with the other staff helped to lead the marching band to two PIMBA Class AA Silver finishes and one PIMBA Class AA Gold Medal. My relationship with students and coworkers was phenomenal during my time with the Southmoreland Marching Band, and the success I found there has built my confidence in creating a successful school-wide program.

IUP Community Music School

Private Instructor

Being a Private Instructor through the IUPCMS was a wonderful opportunity to work with students ina 1 on 1 basis. This gave me the skills necessary to accurately diagnose potential difficulties that students have on their instruments before bad habits began to form. This also allowed me to develop working relationships with parents and IUP faculty to make student achievement far outpace their (and their parent's) expectations.

Manassas City Public Schools

Music Teacher

At Grace E. Metz Middle School, my program was very successful. Due to COVID-19, my 2020-21 school year ended up being 100% distance education. While disappointed in not beginning my teaching career in a traditional way, I got to know more about my students and develop relationships with my students in a new and exciting way. The numbers of my programs increased exponentially from this year to the next, with guitar classes going from roughly 70 students to 120+ registered for next year, and Music Technology growing from 150 to nearly 200 students. I enjoyed my time with Metz Middle School and I am looking forward to finally settling back home into Western Pennsylvania to develop a successful program!